VCLZip Pro 4

VCLZip 4.50 supporting Unicode and Delphi/BCB 2009 Released 11/24/08

Powerful compression made easy...

VCLZip is a Delphi and BCB component that makes it easy for your applications to create and work with compressed data. VCLZip has been around for 12 years and so it is very stable and reliable.  Yet we are committed to aggressive development of new features and tools to enhance VCLZip and it’s capabilities.

VCLZip is so easy to use you can drop it on one of your forms and add 3 lines of code to start using it...

VCLZip1.ZipName := ‘’;

At the same time, it has many very advanced features to allow you to do very complex tasks. Use it to compress data to be sent across the internet, to compress database blobs, to create backups to spanned media, to create installation programs, etc.

For instance, adding strong encryption to the above program is as easy as adding just two more lines of code:

VCLZip1.ZipName := ‘’;
VCLZip1.Password := ‘mypassword’;
VCLZip1.EncryptStrength := esAES256;

We believe that individual and independent developers should be able to afford advanced components at a very reasonable price. When you register, you get all of the source code which works with all versions of Delphi and BCB. You get complete priority e-mail and forum support.

Whether you want to work with compressed files, streams, or memory buffers, VCLZip is flexible, robust, and fast!

Check out the Support Forum and Online Help for more detailed technical information.




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